Trust your friends to get it done. with a little help from bees.

You'll soon be able to stick your hand in the honey pot.

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No more nagging

With Beeline you don't need to worry about nagging. Simply tap to remind John about the $5 he owes you for tacos.

keep your promises

Beeline helps you remember promises to friends and family, and makes it easier to let them know that you've remembered to pick up milk. (Again!)

all in one place

No more digging through lots of apps to find that promise you vaguely remember. It's all in Beeline now.

And come on Dad, nobody uses Facebook anymore.

Beeline is a task oriented 

communications app.

1. Send a request to a friend

Does your friend owe you for lunch? Did they promise to return your iPhone charger? Let them know.

2. Sting

Nothing happening? Sting them! Your friend will get a friendly reminder to complete your request. 

3. Get notified when it's done

Get notified when your friend has completed your task. No more awkward "So how's it going with [INSERT PROMISE]" - you will know. 

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